ITALY: Rome! (Day 5, 6, 7)

01/03/15 – 03/03/15


Fell in love with Rome the moment I saw it. Nigel has been here before but I was appalled by his limp enthusiasm.

We took a mid-day train down from Naples and were pretty tired, to the point where we contemplated napping. Thankfully, a roommate from Argentina in the hostel told us that The Colosseum was free entry that day (first Sunday of the month – who knew?!). We decided to get our cheapo, lazy butts off the bed and onto the streets.

Ended up reaching The Colosseum right on time! (They close entries at 4pm). Guess our luck turned around for the better after a horrible day, Thank You God.

IMG_8153 IMG_8168 IMG_8193 IMG_8103 IMG_8124


Went for 2 Free Walking Tours the next day – our legs probably got toned after this trip!

First one led us to The Vatican!


We had a few hours to kill before the next FWT so we went into the museum. It was (again) very very fortunate that the counter to allow us Student tickets’ price (8€!) and also for the short wait despite not getting online tickets!

IMG_8322 IMG_8358 IMG_8329

IMG_8345_2 IMG_8337_2

Obviously being very cultured, LOL.


We went through the museum pretty quickly (less than 2 hours) because 1) Nigel has seen it before and 2) After awhile, things started to look the same…..

It’s prohibited to take pictures inside the Sistine Chapel, but I was disappointed with how small Michaelangelo’s Hand of God portrait was on the ceiling. It barely had prominence with other things painted all around it – I guess I expected it to cover the entire ceiling since it was so famous! But it’s really commendable to think that he had to paint everything upside down while he was kinda old??? LOL.


Had a very nice budget meal (only 4€!!!) at a gem called Pastificio! Just a tip for those who are travelling to Rome – you’ll probably have to pay to sit down. It’s also a place with ALOT of tourist traps (because it is so beautiful, there are visitors all year round, I suppose). We got ourselves out of a “sticky situation” when we stumbled upon a “deal” at a random food place. It was a good thing we checked the reviews on google first because the place (can’t rmb the name, sorry!) was rated less than 2 stars?!?!?!!! Apparently their 10€ meal deal was all an act, and they charge their customers unknowingly for drinks, etc. (according to the reviews!). We scurried off as fast as we could, I almost felt bad for not warning those who had already seated. The tour guide also recommended we try food at the Monty District (near the Roman ruins) as that’s where locals normally eat – unfortunately, we didn’t have time to fully explore that part.


The next free walking tour was near to The Colosseum, so we got to know a bit more about what we had already seen the day before.

During the Renaissance, nothing was ever really invented, but rather, everything was being rediscovered.

IMG_8380 IMG_8381 IMG_8382

It’s really cool how there were just ruins right next to roads, how they just crept up into the city and breathed in its life, though it’s really the other way around chronologically.


Another “mishap” happened the day we were leaving. Let it be known that Terravision is a horrible company. We booked our tickets to the airport in the morning, where the website told us to “print our ticket”, which we did. Any reasonable person would have assumed that the printed piece of paper was appropriate as a ticket for the bus. But, NO. We went to the station only to find out that we had to go to the counter to get an actual ticket. THEN, they tell me that what I paid online was invalid because it was not paid 12 hours before (even though they’ve already taken my money) and I’m supposed to buy another ticket on the spot (which is more expensive) AND email them to get my money back. What kind of rubbish is that??!!?!?!!

And it doesn’t end there. The lady at the counter was so slow that I actually missed my bus and had to go somewhere else to take another one from another company?!!?!!! Thank God Nigel was able to find it at the last minute or I could’ve had to pay extra for being late to check in.


So, it was a dramatic end to the trip, but a great trip nonetheless with the best company. Looking forward to more travels together ❤


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